Financial Assistance

We encourage you to submit your application electronically. This saves postage and gives you a little extra time to submit, if necessary.  Simply scan all pages, including recommendation letters and photographs, into a SINGLE .pdf  document and e-mail to  If you need to mail your application, please send them to 19615 W. Top O The Moor Dr, Monument, CO  80132.

       Sea of Faces is honored to assist Christian families on their journey of adoption.  In order to be good stewards of the finances we've been given, applicants must meet the below criteria to be considered for a grant:

1. You are legal residents of the United States
2. You have a referral for a child from a developing country*
3. You have a completed home study
4. You have an approved I-171H or I-797C
5. You are a married couple, one man and one woman
6. Both individuals are professing Christians 

      * This includes families that must first travel before accepting a specific child.  Keep in mind that Sea of Faces allows families to apply up to six months after a child is home, so even if travel occurs quickly after receiving a referral, you are still eligible to apply.

      Some additional factors we consider when evaluating packages include urgency of need, church involvement, overall financial stewardship, adoption impact on your financial future and your adoption story.  We also ask you sign our Statement of Faith, which can be previewed here.  You may only apply once per each adoption.  Please evaluate and time your submission accordingly. 

     Grant Schedule:  Pending available funding, grants will be awarded during the months of March, June, September and December.  To ensure your information is as up to date as possible, please follow the guidelines below when completing and submitting your application.
  Applications must be received, not post marked, by the last day of each quarter.  Recipients are notified within six weeks following the close of each quarter. 

Quarter Complete After Submit By
1st 1 March 31 March
2nd 1 June 30 June
3rd 1 September 30 September
4th 1 December 31 December

     Our goal is to award two to three grants per quarter in amounts ranging between $1,000 and $3000. Below are some statistics from our past recipients you may want to consider before applying:

Income $54,009
Net Worth $214,222
Adoption Cost $31,482
Outstanding Adoption
Debt (not including mortgages) $39,637
Special Needs Child(ren)    55%

          While you are waiting for the board results, continue your fundraising efforts in earnest.  Click here to learn about a fundraising opportunity offered by the executive director for Sea of Faces. 

    We give all praise and glory to God for allowing us this opportunity to help the millions of orphaned and abandoned children around the world come home to their forever family.  Please keep us in your prayers that God will continue to bless this mission.   


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